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Joni Gruelle

Joni Gruelle is the Granddaughter and namesake of Johnny Gruelle, creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy. A graduate of Mercer University in Atlanta with majors in Psychology and Art, Joni continued her education in the sciences. After her children were grown, she entered the workforce as an employee of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention where she once worked as a Financial Analyst. She currently is residing in Arcola, Illinois with her husband, Tom. It's important to Joni to preserve her grandfather's world of storybook characters through the mediums of pen and ink, and watercolors. Joni has traveled to festivals and doll shows to promote the Gruelle legacy. All three of her children are now involved in Gruelle activities.


Tom Wannamaker

Tom Wannamaker is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a major in history, and has continued his education in the Georgia State University School System. After serving as a Marine Infantry Officer in Vietnam, Tom entered Government employment, spending most of his career with the CDC in a variety of positions.

Tom and Joni's hobbies include eating, camping, hiking, and exploring out-of-the-way places. They share their home with three dogs and numerous cats, all former strays who long ago seized control from their benefactors. Be sure to visit Halloween, the cat that resides in the museum!


Patricia Hall

Patricia Hall is the author of the illustrated biography, JOHNNY GRUELLE, CREATOR OF RAGGEDY ANN AND ANDY (Pelican Publishing Company, 1993) and consultant and writer for the 90-minute documentary video, Raggedy Ann and Andy: Johnny Gruelle's Dolls with Heart (Sirocco Productions, 1995)

Since 1967, Patricia has collected and researched Gruelle's books, dolls, artwork, and periodical appearances.
In 1988 Patricia was granted an NEH Grant-in-Aid to continue her research on Gruelle. In 1990-91, she was Guest Curator for "Magical Hearts", the Indiana State Museum exhibition honoring Johnny Gruelle and Raggedy Ann.

Prior to 1985, Patricia was Education Division Director for the American Association for State and Local History. She holds an M.A. in Folklore and Mythology from UCLA, as well as a B.S. ( with honors) from the University of California at Santa Cruz and is coeditor of the book FOLKLIFE AND MUSEUMS (AASLH Press, 1987). She has chaired the folk life grants panel for the Tennessee Arts Commission, has served on the boards of several state museums and folklore organizations, and researches and performs historical music for museums and historic sites. Patricia lives in San Diego, California with husband Barry Cohen and son David.


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