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The Museum is host to a large collection of rare Raggedy Ann & Andy memorabilia.  From precious family paintings and dolls to Raggedy's visiting from Japan, there is certainly enough Raggedy history to keep one wandering for hours.

Seen below are just some of the exhibits you'll see while here.


The Many Sides of Johnny Gruelle

Come explore the many aspects to the man who created Raggedy Ann and Andy.  This exhibit showcases Johnny Gruelle's many interests, passions and loves, along with treasured family photos.


Marcella's Room

Recreation of Marcella's playroom, the birthplace of Raggedy Ann and her many adventures.


The Deep Deep Woods, home to Raggedy Ann & Andy's many colorful adventures, are now home to a myriad of displays, telling the history of both the creator and his beloved doll.


You can also browse years of Raggedy Ann and Andy in advertising.


The Museum is also host to a large assortment of Raggedys from Japan.  Here you can explore the history of the beloved dolls from another culture and land.


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